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Luxurious- Irresistible & Design Jewelry set from NATC'S " Seduction Couture Collection"

If the result is beautiful, enjoyable and full of joy, then it is never too much – MAI TROPPO. For the first time, This amazing gold & clear AAAAA zircons literally flows among the design, giving an ultra-modern take on NATC’s iconic “seducive” style: everything about this piece speaks about Seduction.

Unexpected shapes, optical effects and audacity: creativity is above all devoted to aesthetics. Inspired by the indulgent approach to arts and life of Baroque, NATC reaffirms its vision of jewellery. 

Natc's expert craftsmen succeeded in blending an unbelievable complexity of elements into one harmonious whole. The zircons setting on different layers, the multi-shaped zircons, the rich luminosity and the volume mix were all mastered with a touch of creative folly.

JewelSet- " Seduction " Couture Collection

780,00 €Precio
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